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Resources, School, & Therapy

These are topics I am constantly researching and struggling to determine the best fit for Kimberly and for us. I hope you find some of the links useful.

The goal of this page is to provide information on therapies we have tried and are trying for Kimberly…both formal and informal. Also, I will be including information on schooling and other education related topics.

We experimented several years back, transferring Kimberly to Gen Ed from a separate setting classroom. It meant having to step her back to Kindergarten, although she would have been “going into” second grade.  That was purely age related though and not academically. It worked fine for that one year, but was very clear to us that moving on to first grade in the general ed environment was not going to be in her best interest as she would not have been on that level academically, or even close, and would not be able to keep up.  The separate setting classroom students had changed over and she would have been the only verbal child in there, which we did not feel would serve her well, as far as working off of the progress she had made.  The decision was made to keep her home, and I would teach her.  We just wrapped up our fourth year full-time homeschooling!  It has not been an easy journeys and I question what is best for her constantly, but at this time we feel it still in her best interest.  We will see what the future holds…

For homeschooling we use: a variety of curriculums, including Math-U-See and lots of reading out loud and together.  Science and Social Studies come more organically.  Life skills are the area we need to most focus on, I believe.

A recent find on a therapy we often use when Kimberly seems in need of the vestibular input: spinning…this article offered some important insight: The Effects of Spinning on the Brain

Ollie bean is a great site with helpful articles related to special needs.  One of my favorites is this article about Inclusion is a right, not a privilege

An interesting article on use of the figurative “parking lot” to assist with transitions. We have been struggling lately with this and I may try this technique.

As we venture in to the realm of expanding Kimberly’s diet (orally) I am finding some helpful resources:
KidCompanion has some good ideas…

For those concerned with communication alternatives and options with non-verbal or children limited verbal skills: 23 Ways to Communicate with a Non-Verbal Child

If you, like us, have special needs child that is getting close to puberty (or already in it), this may be helpful…

Teen Years Sexuality, Puberty & Hygiene