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Our daughter Kimberly, 11 years old now, was born with a host of relatively minor abnormalities, not apparently tied to one particular genetic disorder. She has been diagnosed over the years with Global Developmental Delays, Failure to Thrive, Sensory Integration/Sensory Processing Disorder, and PDD-NOS (also known as Autism Spectrum Disorder). She also has a g-tube for the majority of her nutrition. Her mysteries elude us, however, she surprises us everyday with her new abilities, humor, and joy for life. We strive to be hopeful in all that she can and will do and be. We chase the unknown possibilities, for her…we chase the spring.

We are so fortunate to have friends and family that are involved and compassionate. They provide us a critical support network, yet at the end of the day the journey is ours. The information we are sharing in this blog is not meant to be instructional. I think about how lost I have felt at times, and continue to feel, and know in my heart that reading the stories of others can provide a feeling of empowerment. If this journey is your’s too maybe we can share the path for a while.