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Just that fast

Our health is a precarious thing when you really think about it… It can happen to anyone at anytime.  It was just a lump, just a weird-looking mole, just a headache, just a few pounds lost, just a cough, just a pain in my side…until it wasn’t.  We are totally on cruise control, rolling along continuing behaviors we think are “the best”, neglecting the little voice in the back of our mind, thinking I’m too young, too fit, or my genes are too good for it to be anything serious.  I’m sure it will pass.
Then maybe it gets serious, can’t be ignored anymore.  You have it “checked out” and discover you are not as invincible as you once believed. It is some scary stuff.  Tomorrow is my 45th birthday.  I saw a picture of me the other day taken on a trip about 8 years ago and I was shocked at how much my hair has grayed in these last few years.  I felt like it is was a warning…I’m wearing out faster than I thought I would?  I hope not.  I have a lot left to do and a few people who kinda need me to be around.  Specifically, a little girl who thinks that snuggling with momma is the best place on Earth.  She’s really not so “little” anymore, twelve this coming June.  And yeah, that is scaring the crap out of me in so many other ways.  That is a whole ‘nother post!
One thing I do know and can say with conviction, is that I try very, very hard everyday to help my family be as healthy as they can be.  It has been an expensive (we spend a lot of money on whole food & good meats) effort but I do not see another way around it.  I use myself, and give my family, supplements for their specific needs, and we make every effort to prevent illness and injury.  I am comfortable with these choices and don’t think I could sleep at night otherwise.  One thing remains for sure though…the Unexpected.  It looms over there in the dark corner, taunting me,  “Go ahead, spend all that money, take all that extra time, keep telling yourself it will work…”  I have faith though.  At the end of the day, what else can we possibly ask for.  I am vindicated when I see people around us fall ill, not that I celebrate their suffering, the opposite actually, but I do appreciate our health that much more. This winter was totally uneventful for us and I am SO thankful for that!
At a meeting with Kimberly’s Case Manager the other day (part of her Medicaid waiver program) she was updating her database on Kimbo’s doctors and doctor visits in the last twelve months…none.  None.  Not one.  Medications?  None.  I made my heart swell to tell her that.  I have seen my girl endure such misery and pain over the years that it just lifts my spirit so much to know that what we are doing IS working!!  The dreaded Unexpected may come along one day, but right here, right now…we’ve GOT this!
Hard work can pay off. Brad has his Crohn’s in remission through diet and natural supplements, and his body thanks him for it.  Seeing how happy he is after coming home from a successful mountain bike ride allays any concerns I have that he feels burdened by his “restrictions”.  To the contrary, really.  He seems to be more in-tune with this body.  We have both said that the result of the Unexpected coming for him was a positive one and he feels better now than before.
I will continue to do all I can to help prepare and protect us from the twists and turns our health can take.  I am trying to educate myself as much as possible on all of our options to secure and maintain our best health.  I hope you choose to do the same, those you love and who love you will thank you for it!

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  1. Great posting and reminder of the importance of health to happiness and well-being. Know how lucky your family is to have you taking such good care of them!

    Happy Birthday, Dani! Hope your next 45 years are as wonderful as your first ones!

    • Thanks Angie! As you may recall, a few of the first 45 were a bit of a blur, but maybe that’s not such a bad thing 😉

  2. So happy to hear this and see you all doing well. In addition, sharing your story has helped me think about the same things and learn from your research and practice. Big love to you my friend.

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