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Get out the map! a summer-inspired post

I think it is safe to say I have a gypsy soul…I love to travel, daydream of new adventures in life, and feel that an opportunity missed is a loss worth mourning.  It seems like this gene has successfully passed on to my daughters, and presents itself strongly in Kimberly Rose.  Nothing feeds her soul and sensory needs like outside.

As we pack our bags for a big summer trip: seven states, eight national parks, and some down time in between I feel that it is worth saying…

Don’t hold yourself back, worrying about the “what-ifs”…explore, learn, and savor new places.  Let your children feel it too…the wind in their faces, the awe of a star filled night sky, and the calm of nothing but time to spend on and with each other.

Often families with special needs children are daunted by the task…feeling its too complicated, risky, expensive…too much of a headache to break the day to day routine.  I challenge that thought.  It is or can be all of those things, but in the end…it is worth it.

Is extra planning needed?  Extra supplies?  Appropriate venue choice?  Yes, yes, yes.  Are there days I question my sanity for choosing this route?  Yes!  Would I do it again any chance I get??  YES!

I found a link to this guide today, it may be helpful to some of you thinking about taking the plunge but feeling overwhelmed.  Truth be told though, you don’t have to “Go Big, or Stay Home”…a local state park, campground, theme park, museum…all of these count.  Start small, build up confidence, and then see where it leads you.  Trying to do too much may sabotage what could be a wonderful time for everyone.  One of the concessions we made for our summer trip was to have dad drive the camper out west while I waited a few days to fly out with the girls.  This cuts time off of the trip overall and it easier on everyone not to be stuck in the car too much.

Here’s the thing, you are going to feel exhausted at the end of every day anyway…you are going to feel overwhelmed amidst your day to day grind anyway, why not make plans…get out of the house…and create some memories with those you love!

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  1. It can sometimes be a challenge to go on vacation with my husband, and he’s a grown-up…sort of;) Mike’s aunt has always said, “I’d rather be sorry for something I’ve done than for something I didn’t do.”

    • I can’t say every vacation has been a breeze, that’s for sure. I think it touched a nerve for me when I saw this guide for traveling with a SN child….sometimes we overthink things and talk ourselves out of important opportunities b/c it’s not our norm…and I like Mike’s aunt’s advice!!

  2. Couldn’t agree more. We have a website where we try to inspire and encourage other families with a child with special needs or an adult who has a disability to give travel a go. It is less spontaneous than taking off without having to consider special needs but I think it is all the more liberating when it is a success. Planning is definitely the key though. Enjoy your vacation. Julie

    • Great site! Spread the word!

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