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Money, money, money

Financial concerns are universal.  We all struggle with how to utilize our “resources” effectively – some more than others for sure.  Lately, holiday season and all, I have been really mulling over if how we spend our money on our children is working out…Are we using those dollars for their highest and best use?

It can been a sincere struggle with so many options all around us: what the kids want, what the kids need, what the parents want/need…etc etc etc.  The holidays just jack it up a few notches.

This post has been swimming around in my head while I shop for gifts, particularly for Kimberly.  I find myself often gravitating towards educational, therapy related options.  Ironically, I feel guilty for this.  Why can’t she have the relatively meaningless stuff too?  Truly, it just feels like time is so precious for her with development and trying to address her sensory needs effectively.  I have so few answers and so many questions, sometimes the only weapon I feel I have to fight for her is money – but here’s the thing, I can’t buy it away.

Sometimes, I find myself standing in the healthcare section at Whole Foods studying homeopathic remedies…I have spent untold dollars on such…the results are not what I dream of.  I will continue to study, learn, and pursue ways to help her thrive, but its just not that easy.

One thing I think of daily as I figure out where the monies should go:  I have not paid for private OT sessions since this summer…I tell myself: I didn’t feel it was helping her in the way it has in the past.  But the struggle is…how do I know?  Is it helping little by little, am I putting too much pressure on her by making everything “work”?  Is it really the cost/time/logistics that deters me and not the lack of progress?

Ultimately though, isn’t it ok for her just be a child and have fun?

Right now I am saying yes.  We leave tomorrow for Disney World.  A big expense for a big experience.  Kimberly and Virginia and both excited – and I will note that Kimberly’s acknowledgment of this and genuine thrill is an accomplishment in itself!  Right now, that is where the money will go.


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  1. You both give the children so much more than money can buy. Priceless things too numerous to mention. Enjoy them and yourselves while you can, goes by so quickly. Have a great trip!!

    • Thank you! We try….you know the drill momma, never feels like enough. So thankful to have such a great role model!

  2. Hope you have a fabulous trip and make some cherished family memories!!

    • Thank you! Exactly what we are hoping for…

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