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School & Therapy

The goal of this page is to provide information on therapies we have tried and are trying for Kimberly...both formal and informal. Also, I will be including information on schooling and other education related topics. We embarked on a new journey a few years ago as we transferred Kimberly to Gen Ed, stepping her back to Kindergarten again. This year is our second year full-time homeschooling! These are topics I am constantly researching and struggling to determine the best fit for Kimberly and for us. I hope you find some of the links useful. For homeschooling we use: Time for Learning for on-line instruction. A review will soon follow... A recent find on a therapy we often use when Kimberly seems in need of the vestibular input: spinning...this article offered some important insight: The Effects of Spinning on the Brain Ollie bean is a great site with helpful articles related to special needs.  One of my favorites is this article about Inclusion is a right, not a privilege An interesting article on use of the figurative "parking lot" to assist with transitions. We have been struggling lately with this and I may try this technique. As we venture in to the realm of expanding Kimberly's diet (orally) I am finding some helpful resources: KidCompanion has some good ideas... For those concerned with communication alternatives and options with non-verbal or children limited verbal skills: 23 Ways to Communicate with a Non-Verbal Child