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War torn

Not really looking like anything other than your average day around here, save the blood stains on my shoulders. No worries though, no one lost a limb or anything. We had a dentist appointment. I had to stifle a crazy person laugh when the dear Doctor asked why I don’t bring Kimberly in twice a year. All I could think to myself was, “weren’t you just there with me, trying desperately to see into her mouth clenched shut between screams of terror while I held her body down as best I could? Weren’t you just there?” Whatever. It’s over now, I guess. Of course, there is the cavity she saw on a permanent molar. Repair for this requires general anesthesia and is something we have been fortunate enough to avoid for the past four years. The constant medical treatments and doctors appointments have been something I have willingly left behind. I knew it would come back around soon enough.

I am glad I waited for this appointment until after the holidays, given the constraints of time from November to January. One thing is for sure though, I may have been better equipped to handle it all before this life-sucking time of year descended upon us. Maybe it is the two whole days of cold weather we have had, but I for one am ready for spring/summer to allow for ample outdoor distractions once again.

It really hasn’t been all bad for sure, just feeling a bit overwhelmed today I guess. Something about parking in the UNC hospitals parking deck just puts me solidly in a nasty frame of mind. I have to dig deep to pull out of it. So here goes…Virginia’s bill of health was all clear! Virginia has her 12th birthday this month! We are making great progress on the Airstream = trip before too long! All my Christmas decorations are put away! I just signed a contract on a new job!

That ought to do it. Thanks for hanging in there with me. I may just knock the dust off of a few drafts I have on this blog and post them after all…I mean, it shouldn’t be too hard to beat my record of only two posts for the entirety of last year…Happy New Year!



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  1. Nice to see you sharing again, Dani, even if it’s the pain. The irony is, that’s what’s real. That’s what relates. All too often it’s the pain that makes us good writers. I truly wish it weren’t so.

    Hang in there.

  2. Sounds like Kimberly and I have the same feelings about the dentist It takes 3 people to hold Cavory down for a flu shot while she screams ” no please no at the top of her lungs!” I’m worn out from the last two months as well. Looking forward to the New Year adventures!!

  3. Happy New Year!

    This time of year is tough for me, too. Perhaps a glass of wine and a bowl of soup sometime would be good for us. 🙂

    Live Free …

    • Sounds delightful!! Name the date after this weekend 🙂

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