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Balancing what we want with what they need

Does #nofilter really exist? Isn’t everything we say, do, and even think passed through countless filters born of our own experience, bias, fear, expectation, and desire? I believe we all adjust our perspective of the world with the filters that make us who we are.

Spending time around people who “think like we do” can be easier on many levels than time spent around those who challenge us. But if that is where we linger, don’t we lose the opportunity to grow and learn?

These questions float around in my head as I struggle with how much of my own perspective is reality, and how do I balanced my personally biased thoughts and/or beliefs with those of others for the benefit of our daughters? Is it a selfish indulgence to use the opportunity of home-schooling to impart my filters on their fresh, and relatively unfiltered minds? I have to say it is rather tempting!

Absent of the outside influences of public school on a daily basis…students and teachers alike, as well as the curriculum, we could manage a fair dose of brainwashing if we were so inclined. I am striving to resist the urge on certain fronts. Given my own training and education, I will certainly emphasize our natural world and how critical it is to protect and restore. I don’t feel too guilty about that though 😉

Another area I am taking a good bit of liberty is with Kimberly and the inclusion of much more outside/physical time than she would traditionally receive at school. We have found that with increased physical activity and sensory stimulation, she is better able to focus, in a better mood, and (maybe?) sleeps better. Along those lines, we are also trying to stretch her in regards to what we present to her academically…balancing our own expectations is challenging. It is so hard to know where the line is…to know how much is too much. She tires so easily with the subjects that push her. Allowing her breaks and shorter sessions is important, but not necessarily a natural response.

With Virginia, we are trying to accommodate her interest in a more “hands-on” learning approach. This requires more time and effort than parking her with a laptop for lessons, but it seems to play to her strengths more so than lecture or working “independently”. How easily we may forget our own struggles in school, and how, if someone had taken the time to work with us one on one…let’s just say we are trying to learn from our own experiences here.

Ultimately, our filters exist in large part because of what we have experienced and what we have been taught. My goal is to ultimately impart as few filters as possible on our girls…allowing them to see the opportunities and possibilities before them. Maybe we can even lose a few of our own along the way!

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