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Putting your best foot forward

I learned early on in life, thanks to my parents and a school that instilled pride in how you present yourself, that being your best self is a worthwhile goal. No one feels awesome every day; we all struggle sometimes to even get out of bed, but that doesn’t mean you can’t put on a good front.

Some may read this as being disingenuous or false, I see a greater purpose. Some may feel that being open about failures, frustrations, and mis-steps makes us more real and relatable. I don’t disagree. It is the communication of genuine feelings and experiences that represents what is truest in all of our lives.

I guess it comes down to place and time. It is spring now, just so. The earth is putting its best foot forward…showing us that out of the depths of dormancy always comes the hope and promise of all that is new and beautiful.

When I titled this blog almost two years ago it was for this very reason. I had been traveling a lot for work and each trip took me further north during the early weeks of April. I was literally Chasing the Spring. It was wonderful. I was given the opportunity to relive the newness over and over. It is not something you tire of. The reminder of everything being possible: growth, beauty, and healing is on the tip of your tongue all the while.

Today is my 42nd birthday. I am a spring baby. It defines me in many ways. I read another bloggers post earlier this week about how her photographs on Facebook, always smiling, happy moments with her family, were not an accurate representation of her day to day life. She seemed to feel that this meant she was not presenting her real self for those who observed. I disagree. We all have our battles, our demons, and our disappointments. Is that what you put on your Christmas card? Not me. I post the good stuff, most of the time, with a sentimental status update sneaking in every now and then. I do this because it makes me happy. If it makes you happy too, than that is a good thing.

We can choose to steep in the negative, and feel that if we share this with the world, somehow it may ease the pain. I’m just not so sure that is always the best approach. I have, however, used this blog to do just that, so I must acknowledge that sometimes it may be what we have to do just to get through. Today though, this is my mantra: Get out of bed, take a shower, put on your favorite shirt, smile….it may not be real in that moment, but at least you give yourself the chance to make it real. For you and those around you. We all have the capability to experience Spring in our own lives at any time. Fresh hope and a better plan for a new day. That is what moves us forward through the sloppy mire on the tougher days.

I took a run this morning through the neighborhood. I thought about being thankful. Thankful that I am capable and strong. Thankful that, while my life has challenges just as everyone else’s does, it could always be much harder than it is. I want my family and my friends to see the best me that I can offer. I want to remind us all that how you present yourself to the world is who you are. What is it they say…reality is 90% perception? Something like that. Enough to make a difference. So do it, post the happy family pics! Stick that good-looking (ok, maybe that a stretch) foot out there and be the best you that you can muster! It may just become your reality.


A rough morning, turned into a pretty good day…



  1. Beautiful post Dani, thank you! And have a wonderful birthday, beautiful lady!

    • Thank you Abby XO

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