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Looking for a sign

Seriously, if I wrote half as many posts on the blog as I do in my head this site would be busting at the seams. The challenge these days is to find five flipping seconds when I am neither with the girls or just too shot to have a complete thought. That is not necessarily a complaint…trying so hard not to have a whiney post about days running long and patience running short! It is really just a fact.

As I mentioned in my last post, forever ago, I am homeschooling the girls the year. So far it is coming along OK. That is to say, I am not sure I have an adequate unit of measure, but it seems to be going well. As you can imagine by that statement, I am not overwhelmed with optimism. Virginia is plugging along with her on-line lessons supplemented by parental involvement as needed. Her grades are good and her interest is still high. Noticing a longing for more outside interaction, we have now signed her up for gymnastics again and she continues to go to the climbing gym weekly and has playdates when possible. I think I can safely say, as far as big sis goes, it is so far so good.

As you can imagine I’m sure, the schooling of Kimberly is a completely different animal altogether. I don’t think I ever thought it would be easy per se, and I do feel that we are meeting her needs…I guess it is just SO different from her sister’s experience that it leaves me wondering. Kimberly actually asks about going back to her “other school” fairly regularly. I know she misses the interaction a lot. Academically I think we are moving along at a decent pace, first grade material for language arts and kindergarten for math. By decent pace, I mean one that allows for her to participate in the learning but not become overwhelmed and shut down. Writing is still a terribly elusive goal. I have to remind myself not to push too hard, on myself or Kimberly, it is a delicate balance.


I think my delay in posting about this is due to the idea that I needed some type of revelation to share or a defining moment that I felt was worthy of your attention. Since neither is presenting itself, at least not overtly, I have settled for more of a “this is where we are” theme. I have to remind myself that the reason for starting this blog was to bring to light the ups and downs we experience so that others in our shoes will not feel alone. So with that in mind I will say this: I am confident in our decision to keep the girls home this year, I think it is helping Kimberly catch up in various ways, but is not 100% what she needs. No single environment can achieve that at this time. I wish daily for more options for her, and I feel she and so many children like her have to “make do” with a sub-par public educational experience, a cost prohibitive private setting (if that even exists), or if possible, a parent that feels they can take on this challenge. Clearly, no obvious winner there.

I previously used the time the girls were in school to work, take care of the house, and on rare occasions, do something for myself. That time is gone now. Work has slowed a bit (pros and cons there), so that helps, but everything else just has to be pushed aside. It takes a toll for sure.

So as of today, that is where we are. No clear signs that this path is the right one from now on, but I am thankful for the opportunity and am hoping to focus on the positive as we finish up our first semester. I plan to continue this path as we finish up this school year next spring. We will see where it goes from there!

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