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Ain’t this what dreams are made of…

If you know the Bodeans’ song, its stuck in your head now too!  Looking through the photos from a few recent visits with my younger sister down in Wilmington, that is the song that popped into my head…

Sometimes we move with no choice
To the call of wild crazy voices
And you start to feel like a restless gone free
Well as years go by now you finally see, oh yea yea
Ain’t this what dreams are made of, um um in the night
Ain’t this what dreams are made of, oh yeah yeah…

My sister and I sat on the sand and oyster shells watching our four children play in the silty waters, picking up crabs, building mud castles.  We watched as the boats went by on the ICW, and we felt a longing.  Same feeling, same time. The joys of our own childhoods taunted us.  “We had it so good”…we mused…”let’s do it for them too”…we decided.


With those thoughts, and in that moment, we made a decision to share more intensely with our own children, that which we had come to love through our parents.  It may sound anti-climatic or strange to others, but to me, this is the end game.  It is what it is all about.  Passing it on, sharing and learning together.

Moving forward with our plans, the following visit landed us in the marsh on the opposite bank with no plans, no direction…the best way to go!  That’s where the magic happens, and it did.  First, in just the fun of it all, shuttling bodies across the water in kayaks.  The kids swimming in the water that wasn’t quite warm enough, yet they could not resist!  Secondly, as we trekked across the dredge spoils and marsh grasses, my sister asked her youngest, hunched over something of interest, what she was doing…”finding nature”, she replied.  The biggest smile came over my face….YES!  You most certainly are sweet Wavey-baby!  Kimberly braved the scratchy marsh grass to find some nature herself, and I could not have been happier.  There are occasions when experiences I want to share with both my girls belong only to Viriginia…I struggle with that so much.  This time, and as many times as are possible, it was for Kimberly too.

Finally, the icing on the cake, we stumbled on a magical place…a camp on a  hummock…with a sign that said it all.


For me, the answer is yes, this is what dreams are made of…

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