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Let me count the ways

Oh, let me count the ways in which I am so completely over my girls contracting every virus/bacteria/fungus known to elementary school children in the first 9 weeks of school.

We were first introduced to ringworm in September. That stuff is ridiculous. Finally got it “under control” when the colds started. I think Kimberly is on week 6 of a continual runny nose (and that is putting it so incredibly mildly). This delight has blossomed into a plethora of other conditions in the last month and a half: double ear infections bad enough to warrant antibiotics. Yeast infection from the antibiotics. Diarrhea from all the mucus leading to a UTI (which thankfully we cleared up without more antibiotics). Now we are on to serious sinus infection, broken out face, nose that looks like raw hamburger from wiping, and sneezes that are more “productive” than I care to describe. Yesterday was the icing on the cake…the teacher informed me at pick up that kimbo had a poop accident (atypical) and by the time we were home 20 min later she had another. Welcome to our lovely home, stomach bug.

Not surprisingly Kimberly is mad at the world, and who can blame her. All senses being assaulted either by illness or me chasing her around with tissues, probiotics, fluids, warm wash clothes and the repeated hot showers I take her in. Last night I finally reached that point too. I think I declared something to the effect of…I am spending next winter in Arizona. I’m sick of this sh*t. As if people in Arizona don’t get colds. I think I just needed to believe that there is somewhere we can escape watching our sweetest ones go through this misery.

We hand wash, get sun whenever possible, eat well, try to be exposed to build up immunity, etc etc but this is ridiculous. It’s not even winter yet.

Off to the ENT today to see if there is anything we can do to alleviate her pain. Ear tubes fell out a year or so ago and I suspect her adenoids have grown back…part of these constant sinus issues with each cold. I am hoping to make it through without more antibiotics. This doc is very conservative about prescribing them…one of the reasons I like him.

We’ll see….


  1. Awh, Dani. Not fair, no fun! Here’s wishing you all a virus free winter! In our schools here, it seem the entire year is devoted to keeping one’s child lice free. Spending money on shampoos that don’t work, endless combing… and the itchy, crawling feeling takes a long while to get over… Hang in there, Mama! Glad you reached your boiling point–it’s good to get that emotion up and out! (No pun intended). Love ‘ya!

    • Ahhh, yes…we have been down that path. Thankfully it was a while ago. Not that you were asking, but…I’ll tell you what worked well for us: I covered their hair/scalp in mayonnaise and then a plastic grocery bag (leaving their face exposed:-) for an hour or two…I put a movie in. It is messy. Then I washed it out with regular shampoo and put coconut oil in to make it easy to comb out and all the nasties came right out. Dead. Yuck.

      Thanks for your positive thoughts! I’ll take all I can get.

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