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A friend…all her own

It is not to say that others are not friendly, but this one is all her own. As I dropped Kimberly of at school the other day, something I have not had much chance to do this year, a little girl approached us. Her name is Sophie. She was happy to see Kimberly. As I assisted with putting the lunch bag away and we headed to the cubby for the backpack, Sophie took Kimberly’s hand. They walked together. Sophie even pulled out Kimberly’s chair at the table. I thanked this sweet girl. I was thanking her for more than she will ever know.

Virginia and her friends let Kimberly hang out. She likes watching them interact and goof off. It is a spectator sport for her though. In the classrooms Kimberly has previously been in, other children have befriended her as well. In their own way, they have shown Kimberly that they enjoy having her there. I have always enjoyed watching the interaction and felt an affection for those that embraced my tinkerbell.

For some reason this was different for me though. Sophie represented more. Kimberly is “flying solo” in this Kindergarten class (no Ms J by her side). The relationships she makes are all her own. It felt like Sophie was treating Kimberly as her peer more than “the little girls who visits our class sometimes”, as it has been in the past.  For little Sophie to be drawn to Kimberly was particularly special to me. Kimberly doesn’t always make it easy. She makes you work for it, we like to say. Not many 5-6 years olds are up for that. It takes a special soul.

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  1. Reading this story was a great way to start the week. I feel lighter & more optimistic. Thanks for these observations that remind us of the simple & profound.

    • You know, it really is that way for me too Martha. Sometimes simplest gestures say so much.

  2. I was so happy to read about Kimberly’s day (and yours, little mama). The world could use a lot more Sophie’s.

    • Absolutely!

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