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Bittersweet release

This quote put into words what I have felt so much recently. sometimes you don't feel the weight of something you have been carrying, until you feel the weight of its release -unknown While out of town for work in early September I was able to sneak in a few moments on the river. I donned my chest waders and set out into the deep. Some time later, emerging from the waters I felt the release of the pressure that had been pushing on my legs...I didn't even realize it was there until it was gone. Some might have thought it uncomfortable, but to me it was symbolic. It told me, made me feel, that I was where I wanted to be...doing what I wanted to do. The release was bittersweet. It made me think of my family. The everyday challenges are all muddled up with joy, laughter, tears, frustration, and exasperation. When I am gone I miss it all. The absence is intense, it is also symbolic. It tells me, makes me feel, that when I am with them I am where I am supposed to be, doing what I need to do.

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  1. A perfect analogy – and sentiment. Thanks.

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