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In the nick of time

As summer winds down and patience runs thin, we took a trip. Technically speaking, the occasion was to celebrate our 11th anniversary, but the implications were farther reaching. It has been a good summer. A busy, both with travel and work, but good summer.

The girls have been occupied regularly…Virginia has had a few camps, spent time with family (thank you mom and aunt Debbie :-)) and kept up a little with reading and math worksheets. Kimberly has been tutored by the lovely Ms J most weeks, and had some OT when we were home.

We managed to put several thousand miles on the new Outback, use the bikes and kayaks, and made it to both the beach and the mountains. Nevertheless, the days began to get longer, the whining a bit louder, the “I’m bored” more frequent….

Desperately, we have been trying to hold it together for the last few weeks, of course coinciding with the busiest work schedules for Brad and myself. It had become quite a challenge. Then came our trip.

Friday to Monday we were gone, mountain bikes and fishing rod ready for action. The weather was good enough, the itinerary loose enough, and the demands few enough.

My favorite thing about this getaway: spending time with my man in a 100 year old cabin…my second favorite thing: missing my girls like crazy, thankful to head home to them. We all needed this.

Special thanks again to Nana for taking on the tireless ones. Also, acknowledgment of the support from other members of our Village, Corey and Debbie. We couldn’t have done it without you!

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