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Do you want what you have?

Happiness is not having what you want, but wanting what you have
This has never been one of my favorite sayings…it feels too much like “don’t strive for more/better…just settle with whatcha got”

I see it differently now though. This past week I took Virginia (my 9 yo) out of town with me to do some field work. Summer time requires getting creative with work and child care for many of us. This translates into our girls either hanging out on construction sites with their dad or tramping through the woods and streams with me.

Despite the very hot and humid conditions, poison ivy, briars, spiders/mosquitos/ticks; Virginia handled it all like a champ. She seemed to enjoy our explorations, asked good questions, and was a pleasure to have with me. Although I love my big girl dearly, this is not her typical m.o. She has a penchant for being whiny and intolerant. I was dreading this behavior from her while trying to get my work done. Fortunately, I was pleasantly surprised.

We wrapped up field work, got cleaned up, met up with some family friends and had a nice dinner. The next morning we had an early start, and low and behold my compliant, lovely daughter was still present. I was delighted! Trips like this offer a glimpse as to life with only a neuro-typical child…I would be lying to saying the ease of it was not welcomed. Other factors facilitated a smooth trip as well though…her age, her interest, etc. You would think experiences like this would make me long for a life with an absence of the extra challenges. To the contrary.

We both talked about Kimberly quite a bit. I missed her, as I always do when I travel, and was looking forward to her excitement when we returned. I was not disappointed. As is typical for her, we were welcomed with squeals of delight, kisses, and her customary phrase for me….”you came back!!” Yes, tinkebell, I sure did. Being happy with the life I have….I always will.


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  1. That trip with you will be a memory Virginia treasures forever. You are a good mom Dani Wise Johnson.

    • I agree with the memory thing Karen…I remember going to court with my dad at that age, like it was yesterday. Xo

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