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Water, water everywhere

I was a “water baby”…anyone else?  Remember the classes they used to offer for mom’s and babies.  The instictive reaction of the infant to hold their breath allowed you to put them underwater!  I still am a water baby.  Love everything about it and try to be near it as often as possible.

One major thing has changed though.  With water now comes fear for me.  Kimberly loves it too and her excitement and delight results in her basically throwing herseilf into it and laughing..mouth wide open.  She is content to sit right on the beach and let the waves just roll right over her, face and all.  Needless to say, this is not good from a safety perspective.

I read an article last night posted on FB describing how drowning is a silent death, not the thrashing, dramatic event many think it would be.  I remember learning that during life guard training and pulling a few people out of the water over the years.  The timing of the reminder last night was good.  I need to be vigilant.  It can happen so, so fast.

We have already been to the pond twice, went kayaking last weekend, and will be at the beach next week.  Nothing like tempting fate, huh?  The lifejacket is my current line of defense in most situations. I keep it on her most of the time we are even near the water.  It is those few, other times that I worry over.  At Point Harbor the water depth at the bulkhead is about 3-4 feet.  There have been more than a few times that I have walked around the house looking for Kimbo only to find her standing on the wall, watching the waves…my heart stops.

Photo Courtesy of Belle Fleur Photography

Photo Courtesy of Belle Fleur Photography

At Secret Beach I let her play without the jacket, me right next to her in the very shallow, sandy bottom edge of the sound.  I want her to know how good it feels and enjoy it like I always have.  I am looking into the possibility for swimming lessons…just not sure we are there yet.  Will give it a shot and see how it goes, as one thing is for certain….my baby is a water baby!

List of YMCA’s with swimming lessons for people with special needs

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  1. Oh you make me think back to last summer – a moment that still makes my heart stop just thinking about it. I took my eyes away for one moment at the wrong time… trying not to appear rude to the woman talking to me at the pool. Never again! So from now on when I don’t make eye contact with you while my kids are in the water, please forgive my rudeness. That’s just the way it’s gotta be!

    • Absolutely…I try not to be “overprotective” most of the time, but that is one time when you must.

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